Welcome to the official site
An artist collective created to unite musicians, digital creators, and mixed media artists from around the world, with the purpose of bringing to life some of the most creative and innovative NFT projects in Web3 involving music and arts.
MetaverseAndArt  started as a family collective comprised of Julio Plazas, Ernesto Plazas, and Cesar Plazas. 
We want as many of you to join our family team and art collective! 
We invite all musicians, graphic designers, mixed media, and fine-art artists from all walks of life to join us, drop us a line, and let us know about your upcoming NFT project or idea and how we can help. Our goal is to connect artists from all over the world with similar philosophies, and mindsets who are interested in creating art first and foremost, just for the sake of creating art. 
The motivation behind this collective is to promote the advancement of arts within the web3 space while sharing useful resources with other artists that can help embark them on a  path to a successful career and financial freedom so they can continue creating art for the rest of the world to enjoy and benefit from. We don't take any type of percentage or sum from the projects and artists we help connect and we're not interested in any financial gain. Drop us line and let us know about your next big idea that might change the world! 
We support the spirit of freedom and adventure, healthy eating, healthy mids and bodies, music, arts,ocean preservation, and free knowledge.
We can be Masters of Our Own Destiny!